Machines with numerical control (CNC)

Performing milling and turning processing. With using of programs ensure with advantages for the manufacture of spare parts and industrial parts: it ensures the accuracy, reduces labor costs, what is accelerate the serial production.

Materials: steel.


screwdriving machine DFS 400 NC (max ø 450 mm, L – 1900 mm);

16B16 (max ø 160 mm, L – 480 mm);

Kaida KDCL-25 with automatic serving of rods (max ø 420 mm, L – 500 mm), positioning accuracy – 0.01 mm.

Milling group:

GF2171C6 (X-850, Y-350, Z-280 mm, accuracy of positioning – 0,04 mm);

CNC-1312-2S (X / Y / Z = 1300/1200/300 mm);

CNC-1325-2N (X / Y / Z = 1200/2000/180 mm).


In addition to conventional three-axis machining, the method of four-axis milling is used at the enterprise. It allows you to process the part from all sides at the same time, which positively affects speed and quality of production\.