We produce spare parts, components  for agricultural machinery, hinged equipment for sunflower harvesting to any combine harvester model, rape cutter, shredder-spreaders, subsoilers, coppers, rollers.

We also manufacture various metal constructions, railway transformer boxes, industrial fans, waste oil ovens, vibrating tables for slag block production, equipment for trading, racks, electrical cabinets, pattern equipment and much more.

Our machinery makes it possible to accept orders for manufacturing different parts for turning, milling and gear-cutting. We also perform metal cutting.

The technical capabilities of the equipment give possibilities to process parts according to the following parameters:

– turning processing: diameter – up to 600 mm, length – up to 4000 mm;

– milling: X/Y/Z 850/350/280 mm, position accuracy – 0.04 mm,

                                CNC X/Y/Z 1100/600 550mm, position accuracy – 0,015 mm;

– Aluminum milling X/Y/Z 1300/1200/300 mm and wood milling X/Y/Z 1200/2000/180 mm;

– Round metal rolling cutting with a band saw: material diameter – up to 340 mm;

– Thread rolling: step – 0,8-3,5 mm, length – up to 3,5 m;

– Stamping with crank press: max. effort – 40 tons. Stamping with hydro-press: max. effort – 85 tons;

– Gear-cutting: manufacturing of gears with a module up to 10 mm, diameter – up to 800 mm;

– Rolling: diameter – from 280 mm, thickness – up to 4 mm, length – up to 2000 mm;

– Grinding;

– Balancing;

– Thermal treatment;

– Powder coating: internal dimensions L/W/H – 2200/800/1100 mm.