LAND ROLLER hydraulic foldable roller 12,5m


“LAND ROLLER” hydraulic foldable roller 12.5 m

Mission: equipment is used for pre-sowing and post-sowing pounding, partial alignment of soil and crushing crust surface

UNIQUE PATENTED WHEEL DIAMETER – 600/610 mm, Operative width – 12.5 m

  • 9100 kg of equipment  make same pressure to the soil as 460\470 mm wheels, due to equal spreading of its weight.
  • operative width –  12.5 m, helps to reduce fuel consumption by half. Recommended tractor power – from 150 hp;
  • enlarged wheel diameter – 600/610 mm – protects again soil adhere and prevent equipment skidding;
  • all rollers are made in our foundry, with complex quality control;
  • repair sleeves on all connection nodes extends life-time, contribute repairing associated with equipment;
  • shear bolts prevent frame case from damaging;
  • powerful hydraulics allows tractor driver to expand the roller without leaving the tractor cab;
  • reinforced frame made of pipe 150x150x8;
  • equipped anthers on bearings, help to prevent infiltration of dirt and prolong bearing lifte-time;
  • turnbuckle helps to adjust the chain;
  • tire type- 400/60 R 15.5 – ensure convenience and reliability during transportation;
  • strengthened wheel hub assembly.

USING THE “LAND ROLLER” hydraulic foldable roller helps you:

  • to save the  moisture in 30-40 cm of the soil;
  • to save the moisture after 2-3 rains by preventing weathering;
  • to save the moisture of the “winter precipitation” during the spring rolling of the soil;
  • to increase the capillarity of the soil (to improve its structure);
  • to “close” plowing for equal distribution of moisture;
  • to save your time and money;
  • to increase the germination uniformity of winter and spring crops;
  • to prepare the ground surface for the herbicides.

“LAND ROLLER” hydraulic foldable roller’s quality is confirmed by the СE certificate.

The modern technologies of cating and metal processing give posibility to meet world standarts of production


Parameters Units Value
Working Width mm 12500
Performance Per Hour of Basic Time ha/h 10
Overall Dimensions in Working Position
Length mm 8700
Width mm 12700
Height mm 1150
Overall Dimensions in Transporting Position
Length mm 8700
Width mm 2800
Height mm 1350
Weight kg 9100
Tires type 400/60 R15.5
Wedge-Shaped Wheel (made of cast iron) Diameter mm 600
Toothed Steel

Wheel Diameter

mm 610