Stubble Cultivator DOUBLE CHOP WORKER

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Stubble Cultivator

mission: removal and crushing of root residues and superficial part of plants stem after sunflower, corn, etc.

Equipment should be used for autumn and spring preparation of fields.


  • Delays evaporation of moisture due to partial mulching of soil;
  • regulates the temperature of the surface layer;
  • restrains the growth of weeds;
  • protects a layer of soil from weathering;
  • enriches the soil with organic matter;
  • Helping to save nutrients.

Equipment should be used when soil moisture is from 10 to 25%

Stubble Cultivator is a hinged equipment, which consist of:

  • V- type spherical disks that grind soil and remove underground plant residues with aggressive penetration into the soil.
  • It is posible to change drum angle of rotation relative to the direction of movement.
  • The V-type disc include mechanism which can regulate depth-of-dip.


  • It is easy to set up drum slope angle;
  • Knives made of hardened steel;
  • V-type discs is made of boron steel, which increase durability and plasticity;
  • Knives are sharpened in two ways, what increase durability;
  • Easy to connect equipment to the tractor.

Technical characterisctis

Parameters Unit Value
operative width mm 5900
Amount of V-type disks unit 8/8
Productivity ha/h 6
Operative speed km/h до 16
Drum diameter mm 450
V-type disk diameter mm 560
Dimension (operative/transportation)
  • length
mm 1750/1750
  • width
mm 5590/2910
  • height
mm 1180/1780
Total weight kg 2200
Number of attendants person 1 (tractor driver)
Power of tractor hp 100
Load-carrying capacity of equipment kg 2400