Sunflower header SUNWORKER


Sunflower Header “SUNWORKER”

Header “SUNWORKER” is designed for efficient and effective sunflower harvesting in any direction with a minimum harvest loss of up to 1%.

Improved construction elements of the header gained such benefits:

  • easy adjustment of a screw, reel and shield depending on the sizes of sunflower and field yield;
  • adjusting the speed of rotation by means the star drive;
  • reinforced screw;
  • double-sided scythe cuts in two directions;
  • the system of harvesting helps to avoid losses working on fields with solid crops, as well as in places of turns;
  • the header cuts only flower, thereby reduce fuel consumption and increase operating speed;
  • high nose of the lift gathers flowers of any size;
  • chain quencher;
  • header consist Claas branded chain, which are protected from stretching;
  • pulley belt is fixed using a conical sleeve;
  • Schumacher-type gearbox.

Spare parts kitspit – 1 pc .; fingers – 5pcs;segments – 5 pcs.; strap optibelt – 1 pc.

SunWorker Advantages:

  • unique structure of the cutting part provides a smooth and impactless cut of stems, significantly reducing the loss of seeds and rapidly replace damaged segments;
  • increasing tip of the elevator and modernization by the spinner improves smooth stroke of the stalk on the cutting knife;
  • reinforced frame and screw construction;
  • protected the sidewall from dynamic loads;
  • the protective grids of a reel and a screw makes it possible to utilize equipment for the sunflower of any kind;
  • regulation of the angle makes possible to collecting  low and damaged plants;
  • upgraded mechanism for opening the sidewall;
  • technical control on the all stages;
  • video instruction on the regular maintenance of the reaper;
  • available different sizes of header: 4.2 m, 6.0 m, 7.4 m, 9.1 m and 10.4 m;
  • each model aggregates with any equipment of the appropriate power.


With Header are supplied:

  • Delivery-adapter to any type of combine
  • stands for off-season storage


The quality of the header SUNWORKER is confirmed by the CE certificate

The modern technologies of cating and metal processing give posibility to meet world standarts of production


The modern technologies of metal processing and casting provide possibility to produce equipment that meets world standards.

Therefore, you will get equipment with

unique design solution – providing ease maintenance

highly productive – the range of models allows you to choose the most suitable option for your size

guaranteed quality – using only best materials with high quality

reasonable price – sold directly by the manufacturer

confidence –  the technique was tested in foreign markets

full warranty – our company provides customer services


Characteristics Units Amount
Operative width of the capture on the sidewalls mm 6000 7400 9100
Performance (with V = 8 km/h) ha/h 4,8 5,9 7,3
Operative speed km/h 8-9
Overall dimensions:
Height mm 1100
Width mm 2340
Length mm 6200 7600 9400
Power of combine HP 150 250 450
Width of the lift mm 170
The length of lift mm 1400 (can be ordered individually)
Inter axial distance of lifts mm 229
Screw diameter spiral mm 540
Step spiral screw mm 500
Screw speed rpm 176
Speed of rotation rpm 46
Weight kg 1700 2200 2800

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