Two-axle trailer TRANSPORTER


Two-axle trailer

Mission: headers  transportation to the place of work, transportation of equipment from one field to another.
7,7 or 10,7 m

The trailer is aggregated with combines and tractors for transportation along public roads, on-farm and field roads.


  • versatility – the vehicle is suitable for Ukrainian and foreign headers;
  • high sustainability – the beam is reinforced with a sprengel;
  • high ground clearance;
  • improved flexibility due to minimum turning radius;
  • portable construction;
  • increased stability on rough roads, descents and sharp turns – due to the wide base of the front axle;
  • the possibility of transporting equipment with additional attachments (for example, simultaneously with the rapeseed table);
  • the possibility of operation on all types of roads – public, field, unpaved;
  • simplicity to service – universal cradles, connected by a solid tube with adjustable angle of inclination using a lanyard;
  • safety due to reinforced construction;
  • reasonable price – significantly less than the most of analogues.

The “TRANSPORTER” trailer is available for sale in 2 versions – with a working width of 7.7 or 10.7 m. When selecting a model, it is important to take into account the size of the header that will be transported:

Model of the Trailer Header Width
«TRANSPORTER» 7.7 from 4 m to 7.6 m
«TRANSPORTER» 10.7 from 7.1 m to 12.5 m



  • mobile adapters for reliable fixation of the transported equipment;
  • light alarm;
  • wheel stoppers.



Characteristics Units Amount
Trailer width mm      7700 10700
Overall dimensions, not more than:
length mm 10500 12500
width mm 2330 2560
height mm 850 1000
Weight, not more than kg 800 1200
Tires type 195/70 R14С 195/70 R16С
Load capacity, not more than kg 2500 4000
Transportation speed, not more than:
without a header km/h 25
with a header km/h 20


Additional information


7.7 м
10.7 м